RM Radio

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The Fun Run

Why do you run? Is it for health? Is it a hobby? Is it so you can eat all the pizza? It should be. Pizza is amazing. We run for fun…and GLORY!!!!! Just kidding. We run for pizza.

Three Questions

A-B-C. Always, Be, Curious.

Molly at the Color Run in a white t-shirt with colorful powder on it and a pink headband kneeling next to a pink sign that says "unicorns assemble!"

Donate Now!

Molly is raising money to donate to 261 Fearless, a global non-profit organization that uses running as a vehicle to empower and unite women. 261 Fearless was launched in 2015 by Boston Marathon legend Kathrine Switzer and every year they invite donors who reach certain fundraising threshold to join their team. Our goal is $10,000 and every dollar raised, just like every mile run counts.