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A Soviet salvage and rescue ship and an unidentified Soviet ship shadow salvage operations for downed Korean Air Lines Flight 007 (KAL-007). The commercial jet was shot down by Soviet aircraft over Sakhalin Island on August 30, 1983 in the Sea of Japan. All 269 passengers and crewmen were killed.

A Russian war plane shoots down a passenger jet with 269 souls onboard. How and why did this great tragedy happen? Listen this week to the terrifying story of Korean Airlines Flight 007.

Show Notes:

Air Disasters: Season 2, Episode: The Target is Destroyed

Dark Docs: YouTube

Encyclopedia Britannica: Flight of KA007

United Nations Security Council Report: December 16, 1991

The Downing of Flight 007: 30 Years Later, A Cold War Tragedy Still Seems Surreal – 8/31/13

Wikipedia: Korean Airlines Flight 997

Korean Airlines Flight KA 007 Alternative Theories

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Episode 6: Moon Hoax Part 2

astronaut standing on the surface of the moon with darkness in the background

We learned about the Moon Hoax of 1836 but what about modern moon hoaxes?

Show Notes:

Lost Moon by Jim Lovell

Apollo 11 Moon Landings: Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Biography: Bill Kaysing

Brief History of Moon Hoaxes

The Wildest Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories Debunked

How moon landing conspiracy theories began and why they persist today

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Episode 5: Centralia Mine Fire

steam rising out of a hole in the earth surrounded by dead trees with greenery in the background

For over fifty years the coal seams under what used to be Centralia, Pennsylvania have been burning. Mine fires are not uncommon, however, this fire is has become infamous.

Show Notes:

“Centralia PA Mine Fire – Photos History Visiting.” Centralia PA, Accessed 2 Nov. 2021.

David. Fire Underground: The Ongoing Tragedy Of The Centralia Mine Fire. Globe Pequot.

“Dying Embers | Radiolab | WNYC Studios.” WNYC Studios, Accessed 2 Nov. 2021.

Quigley, Joan. The Day the Earth Caved In. Random House, 2007.

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Episode 4: Buran the Soviet Space Shuttle

illustration of space shuttle showing internal structure of space shuttle

Spies, intrigue, stolen plans…check out the newest episode of Three Questions Podcast to hear the history of the not-so-unique Soviet Space Shuttle.

Show Notes:

Two abandoned Soviet space shuttles left in the Kazakh steppe

Buran: The Soviet Space Shuttle

Buran: A Soviet Space Plane

How the Soviets stole a space shuttle

Buran shuttle graffiti highlights concern for space history, need for museum ownership & care

Cosmonaut: Soviet space shuttle was safer than NASA’s

Buran – NASA

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Episode 3: Sister Ships of the White Star Line

black and white photograph of olympic ocean liner with camouflage paint scheme

All aboard for podcasting! Learn about the Titanic and her infamous sisters the Olympic and the Britannic, the three ships of the White Star Line. Image: HMT Olympic in dazzle camouflage while in service as a troopship during World War I

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Episode 2: Moon Hoax of 1835

antique front of imaginary animals including men with batwings, a bison with a horn, and a unicorn

Imagine a world populated by extravagant flora, bizarre fauna, and people with bat-like wings. Imagine this world has mountains made of gems and crystals and expansive oceans. Imagine this world is on the moon…


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